Why local farms & vendors matter so much!

Every time you shop at Avon Prime Meats, you become part of a family’s story: we are a family business that likes to support other local families in their quest to thrive in today’s economy. These are husbands, mothers, sisters, kids that have a dream and work hard to accomplish it. Small farms and local businesses are true to their values.

Local farmers and vendors sell the products their families LOVE and grow with them, therefore, we know their heart is in it!

Local food is fresher and provides more nutrients than food that has traveled for miles without the chance of a natural ripening process. Science shows that nutrients begin to degrade the moment produce is harvested, so the sooner you can purchase and eat it, the more nutritious it is.

Local produce from Greszcyk Farm & pickles from Hillhome in Norfolk, CT

The farms we support grow their livestock humanely in a small farm setting, where they are relaxed and healthier, thus giving you better nutrition!

Is local always organic? Not necessarily: the organic certification is a very stringent and expensive process that not all small businesses can afford.  Most practice sustainable agriculture, which is often the same or even a higher standard than organic, just not certified.  Better for them as farmers, better for the earth, and better for you.

Are local animals grass fed? In the Northeast, it is almost impossible to grass feed all year long. These animals are grass fed for as long as the weather permits, then switch to grain feed through the winter. However, their feed is as natural as possible. No hormones, antibiotics, fillers or pesticides.

Milk from Smyth Trinity Farm in Enfield CT

Buying local keeps your hard-earned dollars in the local community.  To see all our local vendors, just take a peek at our back wall behind the meat counter, it has a beautiful display of all of them. We carry many local CT products, as well as regional (MA, NY, RI).

Back board behind our meat counter showcasing all the CT businesses we support

We invite you to be part of our story and help other local businesses thrive as they contribute to our community’s growth. Stop by today and shop local! We’ll be glad to give you a tour of CT within our store!

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